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Team play in Counter-Strike 1.6

Team play in Counter-Strike 1.6


Due to the fact that Counter-Strike 1.6 is a team game, it takes the coordinated work of all players and maximum effort to win. However, quite often the players of the same team act separately. Consequently, some people often invite their friends to the game and, coordinating actions on voice chat, try to lead the whole team to victory together. But such noble impulses often lead to one result: the team of allies “merged”, and the player was left with his friend alone against all enemies. Now, this scenario will be considered, as well as advice on behavior in this situation.


To begin with, it should be noted that two players can defeat an entire enemy team only in two cases:

1. Both friends are real pros and drag queens in Counter-Strike 1.6.

2. The enemy team is a collection of crayfish and noobs. But in no case should you underestimate the enemy: you need to really calculate your strength because this is the key to victory. And if you get closer to the point, then after realizing the situation “together against the whole world”, you need to react quickly and take active action, since the enemy team is probably already looking for two lucky ones to destroy, as a result, standing still is not an option. In principle, two players against a whole team have few options, but among them, you can consider some effective tactics.

Cat and mouse

Most of the players, realizing that the two of them were facing the whole team, simply hid in the shelters and “rats”. Yes, this is not a very honest way, but it is quite possible and the easiest. To implement it, you just need to find a safer shelter and it is desirable to use a weapon with a silencer, so as not to give out your position with the sounds of shots. In the absence of a weapon with a silencer after each fired burst, it is recommended to change the position.

Open confrontation

Probably the banalest tactic of the two against the team is to run away and attack the enemy’s positions in the “open”. Why run away? To cause trouble to the enemy in two directions at once. When using this tactic, it is better not to be heroic and use suitable weapons: shotguns and rifles can be swept away immediately (the first – because of the uselessness at long distances, the second – because of the low rate of fire) and take a machine gun or assault rifle. In principle, with the correct execution, this option is very simple, because the enemies in search of rivals will be divided and will walk for 1-2 people, so if you have sufficient shooting skills, it is quite possible to win.

Deaf defense

A very difficult option: to go with a friend into a blind defense. The difficulty of implementation lies in the fact that it is difficult to choose a place for defense. Ideally, this should be a protected circular shelter, from which as much space as possible is shot. In the absence of such, you can choose something similar. The perfect combination of weapons: one friend has a machine gun, and the other has a rifle to combine accuracy and firepower.


Two friends left against the enemy team – the situation is terrible, but not hopeless. Therefore, with competent interaction, the presence of skill, as well as luck to win together – it is quite possible!