Counter Strike 1.6 maps

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counter-strike 1.6 maps

Counter-Strike 1.6 game has a great variety of different maps.

Some of the maps are originals that were created and released in conjunction with the counter strike 1.6 game in 1999 by Valve.  However, there are countless other CS maps that have been released since.

We will tell you what maps list are in the counter strike 1.6 game, original and default. Also, what are the maps that have been released from another version, “Counter-Strike Source”  which were integrated and became popular in the version of the game counter strike 1.6.

You’ll also learn about the most popular maps and see lists of them that were created by Counter-Strike players who loved the CS 1.6 game and started creating new maps for players around the world.

The original and default maps with the release of the Counter-strike 1.6 are as follows:

counter-strike 1.6 default maps

cs_747 cs_backalley cs_havana
cs_italy de_airstrip de_aztec
de_cbble de_chateau de_dust
de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke
de_piranesi de_storm de_survivor
de_survivor de_torn de_train
de_vertigo as_oilrig cs_assault
cs_estate cs_millitia cs_office

Counter-Strike Source – css_ maps which have been integrated into the counter strike 1.6 game list:

counter-strike 1.6 _css maps

css_vietnam2 css_vietnam css_trainwinter_go css_train_go css_train_winter
css_train2x2 css_train css_snow2 css_snow css_skybound
css_shorttrain css_port css_overpass css_nuke_winter css_nuke_rarea
css_nuke2x2 css_nuke2 css_nuke css_miragewinter_go css_mirage2x2_go
css_mirage_go css_mirage css_kabul2 css_kabul css_inferno2x2
css_inferno css_india2 css_india_go css_india css_dust3
css_dust2winter_go css_dust2night_go css_dust2_source css_dust2_remake css_dust2k_go
css_dust2x2_go css_dust2_go css_dust2 css_dust css_deagle
css_crane css_cbble css_cache2x2 css_cache css_bycastor2
css_bycastor css_bycadust css_aztec css_assault2 css_assault
css_aim css_35hp


The most popular maps created by Counter-Strike 1.6 players and their list:

counter-strike 1.6 popular maps

35hp_2 aim_taliban aim_headshot aim_map $1000$
$2000$ cs_mini_militia_v2 fy_simpsons fy_snow3 fy_new_pool_day2
fy_new_pool_day2 fy_snow2 fy_poolparty fy_new_pool_day de_dust2_3x3
de_dust2_2x2 de_pf_dust2 fy_pool_day fy_snow cs_paintball
aim_ak-colt aim_map_usp cs_deagle5 aim_ak cs_max
de_hell de_silo de_aztec_0 awp_city de_nuke_2006
de_cpl_mill de_cpl_strike de_russka de_mirage de_westwood3
de_prodigy32 de_old_style_map de_abaddon de_korfez32 awp_dust
awp_india de_italy_ipt de_dust4never de_aztec2003 dm_aztec_maso3
de_aztec15 de_piranesi de_westwood de_vertigo de_inferno_snow
cs_assault_upc cs_assault_1737 de_nuke2010 de_cpl_mill
de_dust2012 de_dust2002 de_dust4ever de_dust4
de_dust2_bliz de_dust2_2009 de_dust2_2006 de_kabul_32
de_tuscan de_dust4 cs_assault_1337 de_barcelona
cs 1.6 atsisiusti cs download
counter-strike 1.6 download cs 1.6 atsisiusti