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bugs in Counter-Strike 1.6

bugs in Counter-Strike 1.6

Bugs in Counter-Strike 1.6

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the most common bugs in Counter-Strike 1.6. In addition, we will reveal the secrets of how they can be used to gain superiority over the enemy, as well as what can not be used.

What is a bug?

A bug is a software error that occurs as a result of performing certain actions in the game under certain conditions, due to the imperfection of the program code or game engine. For example, the well-known crosses in Counter-Strike 1.6 are also a bug when a bullet fired from a machine gun, rifle or Deagle pierces any obstacles, including concrete walls. This, for sure, has faced every fan of riding on the counter, let’s look at the rest.

The most famous bugs in CS 1.6

  • A silent shot from the AWP. You can make it so that enemies do not hear the sound of a shot from a heavy sniper rifle and, therefore, will not be able to detect you. To do this, you need to very quickly switch weapons to a knife immediately after firing a shot.
  • Planting explosives without notifying counter-terrorists of their laying. When playing as terrorists while mining a point, try to make half of the bomb model fall into the box. Then the usual warning “bomb installed” will not sound, and your team will gain significant superiority since the special forces will not know that they need to move to clear the object of the mine.
  • Arbitrary replacement of models of players of opposing teams. This bug manifests itself during the playback of the demo and tracking the player who changes the team.
  • Transplanting through textures. The fact is that the player can go through thin roofs and ceilings with the help of his allies. It’s simple: one gamer sits on the shoulders of another, who pushes him through the texture. There are plenty of similar places on different maps, for example, on the “nyuk” in the radio room. This technique is forbidden, and we do not advise using it, so as not to fly to the ban.
  • Visibility of weapons through obstacles. If you come close to a door or other thin wall, the barrel will be visible on the back of the obstacle, and you can give yourself away and get a headshot by securing the rink.
  • Visibility of the player’s model behind the wall. A similar situation with weapons is when the fillet part of the body of a squatting player shines through an obstacle. For example, on the same “nyuk” in a metal booth on point “A” it is better not to sit down.
  • Arbitrary change of hand. This happens when you collapse the counter and return to the Windows desktop and then return to the game. The weapon with this sequence of actions will move from one side to the other, and you will have to return it to the “working” hand.
  • Glock’s vibration. A standard gun can start to vibrate in the hands of terrorists, so you have to throw it on the floor and then pick it up.
  • Glock fires like an automaton. A rather rare flaw that will not give any advantage: the shots will be blank.
  • A joke with a flash grenade. If you throw it into the gap between two boxes at the entrance to the “B” film, the terrorists running through the tunnel in the dark will go blind.
  • Bug with mine clearance. If you stop the process of neutralizing the charge, it will stop only after 2-3 seconds. This drawback can cost you your life, and the team will lose.
  • Drop from any height without losing HP. To do this, you need to sit down in flight, and when you “land”, release the squat key and press the jump. If you do everything right, then you will save precious health, and even the sound of a fall will not be heard by anyone.
  • Another trick to maintain a health reserve when falling. You need to land in the corner formed by three planes.
  • WallHack in surveillance mode. This defect is manifested in spectors, when the player follows the gameplay and quickly switches between characters. At such a moment, the enemy can flash by, which will allow him to determine his location.
  • Bug with the sound of footsteps. If you run along the very edge of the iron platform, you will hear the sound of movement on the ground. This secret can be used to give the enemy false information about his location.
  • Placing a bomb on an ally’s head. This can be used for entertainment or a movie: just jump on another player and put a projectile on his head. If the teammate moves away, the charge will fall to the floor.
  • Clear smoke. The bug is that you can look through a smoke screen. You’re going to have to sit down and put the scope down. At some point, you’ll see opponents behind the smoke and you can shoot them.
  • Loss of movement speed. In rare cases, if you jump up in some place where the ceiling is low, then after landing you will run at the speed with which you usually move in a squat.

We have described only a small part of the bugs in CS 1.6, so we advise you to download CS 1.6 in order to test them on your skin and find new ones.