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How to Install Weapon Models in CS 1.6

How to Install Weapon Models in CS 1.6

Sooner or later, standard weapons get bored, and players begin to look for various new models for weapons. However, in this case, there is a problem with how to change the models of weapons in x 1.6, most players do not know and prefer to use ready-made builds, although this process is quite simple.

How to download skins on CS 1.6

All skin files are usually packed into an archive. Therefore, in order to download a new model, you will need to download this very archive. In addition to model files, it includes sprite files, sound, and models, which are displayed in the hands of other players. They all have the following extensions:

  • v_weaponname.mdl – a model, his own person;
  • w_weaponname.mdl — this file is responsible for whether the new model will be displayed on the ground;
  • p_weaponname.mdl — this file is responsible for whether the new model will be displayed to other players;
  • soundname.waw – files of this type introduce a new voice acting, and can be named in different ways, usually numbers;
  • weaponname.gfx — the file is responsible for whether the new picture will be in the weapon purchase menu;
  • spritename.spr – such files, respectively, contain an updated weapon sprite.

To introduce a new skin into the game, you do not need anything but a .mdl file. The rest is rather a pleasant addition, which does not necessarily have to be present in every archive. However, it is always better when there is a complete set of model.

How to install weapon models in CS 1.6

So, now is the time to consider different ways to install new models for weapons. Next, you will learn how to put skins in CS 1.6 correctly.

If there are models or sound folders in the archive

If you open the archive in it contains the models and sound folders, then you just need to throw them into the cstrike folder and agree to replace the files. The whole process will take place automatically and after the copying is complete, the model will be available in the game. As you can see, everything is very easy.

If there is a cstrike folder in the archive

Here, the simplicity of the method is similar. You just need to copy the files from the archive directly to the game directory and, if necessary, agree to replace the files, then go to the game and enjoy the new skins. Everything will be replaced very quickly.

If there are no folders in the archive

This outcome of events will be a little more difficult since it implies a manual installation of all files that are present in the archive. To do this, you will need to know that:

  • *mdl should be thrown into the cstrike/models folder;
  • *spr will need to be moved to cstrike/sprites;
  • *waw will have to be copied to cstrike/sound/weapons.

If you see notifications during copying that files with the same name are present, you’ll need to replace them. After all the files are transferred to their places, it remains only to go to the game and check how the new model works. You can create a single-player game for this.


On this, we can say that the installation of CS 1.6 models is quite easy. You just need to follow the instructions above and everything will go like clockwork. If desired, you can make backups of files that are replaced, then you can return the original models back when you get tired of playing with skins.