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How to Add Bots to CS 1.6

How to Add Bots to CS 1.6

Bots are good at helping to train your shooting accuracy, and the timings on most cards become much easier to learn with their help. For professional players and those who want to raise the level of their skill to their level, bots are a mandatory stage of training. That is why AI is built into most modern builds, and even the original client from Valve had a built-in AI with which you could play in a single game. Subsequently, fans created their own versions of AI, which became more cunning and smarter, however, not all players sometimes know all the ways in which you can add bots to the match.

It is worth noting that the methods described below will work only if bots are installed on your build of CS 1.6. If bots are not added, they are not installed. You can download any build from our website and in any of them will be installed working bots from Valve.

How to add bots through the game menu

The easiest way to start playing with AI is to use the in-game menu. To do this, you need to download an assembly or a separate archive with bots.

How do I add bots to CS 1.6? To do this, I need to:

  1. Run CS 1.6.
  2. In the main menu, click on “New Game/Play with Bots/New Game”. The specific line depends on the translation used in the assembly if any.
  3. Check the box next to “Add bots to this game”.
  4. Specify the number of bots taking part in the match.
  5. Choose the level of difficulty.

After that, you can start the match. This will start the local server. If the map is custom or not included in the official set, then bots will need some time to lay out paths and find potential positions for the game. Because of this, the download may take longer than usual.

How to add bots to CS 1.6 via console

The console is a very multifunctional tool that allows you to make a lot of settings, while being right in the game, without having to leave the match in the main menu. So how do I add bots to CS 1.6 via console? By default, the console is invoked on the Yo or ~ key, depending on the current keyboard layout. When you press the key, a menu with a console immediately opens, where you need to enter commands. Here are the
commands to add a bot to CS 1.6:

  • bot_add – adds one player, the team will be random;
  • bot_add_t adds the player to the terrorists;
  • bot_add_ct adds the player to the special forces.

The instruction is as follows:

  1. Run CS 1.6.
  2. Create a single match.
  3. Open the console and add bots.

How to add bots through the menu on the H key

Using the function menu on the H key, you can quickly and easily add bots to a match. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Run CS 1.6.
  2. Create a single-player game.
  3. Press the H key after respawning.
  4. Go through the path: Bot Menu -> Add Bots – > Add to Command – > select the right one.

After the restart of the round, bots will appear and begin to act. If nothing happens when you press the H key, it is worth downloading CS 1.6 with bots from our site, where this menu is built-in and works.

How to remove bots in CS 1.6

If too many bots have been added and you want to reduce the number of “people” on the map, then commands are used for this:

  • bot_kick – kick all the bots;
  • bot_kick name – removes a specific bot, instead of name it is necessary to enter the nickname of the bot that needs to be removed from the match.

This, it is possible to manage all the bots in a single game relatively quickly.

How to kill bots in CS 1.6

If you want to kill bots in CS 1.6 for any reason, and most often this need arises when bots have killed you, then you need to open the console and enter the following command there:

  • bot_kill is to kill all the bots in CS 1.6.


Here’s how to add bots to CS 1.6. These were all the available ways. The best option is an in-game menu, but with the help of a functional menu, more functions are available to the player. Adding bots using the console is quite long, compared to other methods. Therefore, it is better to use assemblies where there is either a functional menu or bot settings are built directly into the main menu.