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How to Make a Small Crosshair in CS 1.6

How to Make a Small Scope in CS 1.6

The small crosshair in CS 1.6 makes it possible to aim the enemy at long ranges with greater convenience, even if the weapon is not particularly accurate. The size of the sight does not affect the spread, it just becomes easier to direct it to vulnerable enemy points. In close combat, a small sight is very effective and allows you to aim well. A small crosshair is very convenient for playing on Deagle, M4A1, however,  much depends on the personal preferences of the player. It is only worth noting that many beginners who want to raise their personal skills very often do not pay attention to the crosshair, and in fact, it plays an important role in aiming, on which the effectiveness of the shot depends. Even at short distances, with properly tuned sensitivity, you can work wonders, while having all the possibilities for accurate shooting at long distances.

Small crosshair in CS 1.6 via console

To change the size of the crosshair, you will need to use the console. The console itself is available in the game on the hotkey “~”. So, the console is open, now you need to enter the commands:

  • cl_lw 1
  • cl_lc 1
  • cl_dynamiccrosshair 1
  • +duck
  • cl_lw 0
  • cl_lc 0
  • -duck

An important point. Everything must be entered in turn, adhering to the order, otherwise, it will not work. That’s how you can make a small crosshair in CS 1.6 through the console. You can additionally remove the scope extension while driving by typing cl_dynamiccrosshair 0 into the console. It is worth knowing that in some cases, after using all the commands, the hand may change, from right to left, from left to right. You’ll have to get used to it or use the command cl_righthand 1 (0 for the left).
Another significant detail is that teams are deactivated after leaving the game. This means that the entire above procedure will have to be repeated every time you enter the game, which in the end can begin to be very annoying.

Small crosshair in CS 1.6 forever

To make a small crosshair in CS 1.6 forever, you can prescribe commands from the method indicated above directly to the config. However, this is recommended only for experienced players who understand the intricacies.

An alternative option is to make a bind. To do this, write the following commands to the console:

  • cl_dynamiccrosshair 1
  • bind F6 “cl_lc 1; cl_lw 1”
  • bind F7 “cl_lc 0; cl_lw 0”

Again, you need to enter them in turn. After entering, it remains only to check the correctness of the bind. It is enough to go to the public or local server, and then press F6, sit down, and press F7 without releasing the squat button. Well, since you can make your crosshair smaller in CS 1.6 only in these ways, it remains only to choose the most convenient one.


A small crosshair opens up many new possibilities. If anything, aiming for most enemies will be much easier. In some builds, a small crosshair is included by default and all the necessary commands are already spelled out, so you can just download one of them if you do not want to mess around yourself.