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Aiming and shooting in CS 1.6

Aiming and shooting in CS 1.6

Shooting is one of the most important elements of the gameplay of Counter-Strike 1.6. It seems that nothing complicated – aim the sight at the enemy and shoot yourself calmly. But not everything is so simple – in order to destroy enemies as quickly and effectively as possible, you must know about the basic shooting techniques.

Weapon firing modes

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what are the firing modes of different weapons:

1. Single. In this case, the weapon fires one round at a time. Usually, such a mode of fire has pistols, some sniper rifles, and one shotgun. The advantages of this mode are that your sight has time to reach the moment of the next shot, that is, each cartridge flies exactly to the target. Minus – a small rate of fire.

2. Automatic. In this case, the shooting is carried out by the continuous fire until the magazine ends (or you do not release the mouse button). Plus – this is the infliction of great damage to the enemy in a short time. Minus – large spread and return.

3. Mixed. Two weapons have this mode – the Giat Famas F1 rifle and the Glock 18 pistol. F1 has two types of fire – automatic and burst of 3 rounds. Glock 18 can shoot both single shots and three rounds at the same time.

Fire technique

Before you download CS 1.6 and start playing, you need to learn how to quickly and effectively deal with opponents. Knowledge of the basic techniques of fire will help you with this.

1. Continuous fire (“spray”) is the most popular and uncomplicated shooting technique. You just aim at the opponent and hold down the button. The advantage of this method: if all the cartridges hit the target, the enemy ( or even more than one) dies in a fraction of a second. Cons: after a long queue, accuracy is greatly reduced and recoil increases, that is, your weapon begins to shift upwards and in different directions. Therefore, you need to adjust the direction of the barrel. Given

all the pros and cons of the “spray”, we can say that this method is effective only at short and medium distances. In a long-range shootout, all the ammo is likely to go “into the milk.”
2. Single
shot. Here, too, everything is simple – you made one shot, waited for the sight to decrease, and shoot again. The advantages of such shooting are that you almost always hit the target due to a small spread. The cons are the low rate of fire, as you have to wait for the sight to decrease for the next shot. As a result, you will have to spend some time killing the enemy. This technique is most

effective at medium and, with proper skill, at long distances.
3. Shooting in short bursts
. This is probably the most optimal mode of fire. The essence of it is that you shoot bursts of 2-4 rounds, wait for the sight to decrease, and shoot again. In this case, you will almost always hit the enemy. since the first 2-3 rounds will definitely fly to the target. This technique is used by many good players and esports players. Just remember that firing in short bursts is effective at long and medium ranges. In close combat, it is better to “shoot” the opponent or aim at the head. Where to shoot

The effectiveness of shooting in Counter-Strike depends not only on the technique, but also on which part of the body the bullet hits:

1. Head. The most vulnerable place. This is why all players aim to kill the enemy as quickly as possible. In most cases, 1-2 shots are enough for the enemy to drop dead.

2. Body and belt. They get a lot less damage than the head. For example, to kill an opponent with an AK-47, you need to shoot the body at least 3 times.

3. Legs. They get the least damage. The enemy will remain alive even after a shot in the legs from the AWP.

Buying a bulletproof vest and helmet reduces the damage to the head and body.

Other features
If you are in the air (jumping or falling), the accuracy of shooting is significantly reduced.

It’s the same with stairs – sitting on them, you can not hit the enemy even at point-blank range.

The muffler worn on the M4A1 (“Mk4”) increases damage but reduces accuracy.