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Popular server modifications in CS 1.6

Popular server modifications in CS 1.6

Counter-Strike types of cards listed above belong to the classic game, which was originally laid down by the developer. There are modifications invented by users and fans of the game, and they completely change the main meaning. These include Jailbreak, Deathrun, CSDM with all varieties, Capture The Flag, Surf, Zombie Mod, Gungame, Warcraft, HNS, Kreedz, and others.

Mod «Classic» – execution of card tasks

classic mod cs 1.6

Starting to play CS is very simple, but becoming a true professional is quite difficult. It is in the classic game that you will need the ability to shoot well from different types of weapons, and masterfully wield a knife, you must know the cards and whines on them well, as well as be able to interact with your allies. Classic gameplay involves the confrontation of two teams – Special Forces and Terrorists. You will have to complete the task of the map. Here you buy your own weapons in each new round, depending on the amount of money earned from winning the round or rescuing hostages.

Mod «Deathrun» – maps with traps

deathrun cs 1.6

Translated from English, “Deathrun” means “Death Run”. The players of the “Ts” team control the traps, and the “CTs” must overcome all obstacles. Playing for the “counters” is quite difficult because you need not only to know the card but also to be able to make a jump. Mods have so diversified the game that the acquired skills on one modification can be successfully applied to another. Can’t jump? Then go to the HnS servers.

Mod «Hide’n’Seek» – hide and seek

hns cs 1.6

There are no weapons on the HnS servers, you will definitely not learn how to shoot here, but you will hone the jumps to perfection. The maps are peculiar, the game mainly takes place among tall houses and other buildings. The commandos must catch up with the Terrorists, the latter are given three grenades, two of which are blind and one is freezing. After playing for a while you will learn to jump like a pro. On classic servers, this will give you an advantage, because these skills can be applied on the “de_nuke” to jump on a rock.

Mod “Jailbreak” – jailbreak

jailbreak cs 1.6

It is difficult to say what prompted the creators to develop this modification, perhaps the well-known series “Prison Break”, and maybe the fact that everything should have a continuation. Similarly, in CS 1.6 after the terrorists are caught, they must be sent to prison. On JailBreak servers, players are divided into two teams – wardens and prisoners. Keep in mind that having a microphone is simply necessary if you play as a guard because you will have to give commands to prisoners. Recently, the mod has greatly diversified by inventing interesting additions and competitions: predator, assault, hide and seek, hunger games, boxing, Sparta, and others.

Mod “Zombie” – survivors and zombies

zombie cs 1.6

There are several varieties of Zombie Mod: BioHazard and Zombie Plague. The essence of the game is the battle of people against zombies. At the beginning of the round, one of the players becomes infected with the virus and turns into a living dead, he must infect all people. Survivors acquire weapons and look for secluded places where they can hide from zombies. The round will end when the zombies turn humans into their own kind, or humans don’t exterminate all the dead.

Mod “Gungame” – arms race

gungame cs 1.6

GunGame is one of the most dynamic mods, there is no time for reflection. The round begins with a warm-up and all players have only knives in their hands, then a Glock pistol. The gameplay is divided into levels, you need to make three kills with one weapon to go to the next level and get a new one. On some servers, you can find extra weapons, for example, a bazooka. The last level is a knife, you need to stab the enemy, but it is not as easy to do as it seems at first glance.

Mod “DeathMatch” – a deadly battle

deathmatch cs 1.6

DeathMatch – is one of the most dynamic mods, which allows you to play in two modes: team and single. The first mode implies that two teams oppose each other, i.e. only the players of the opposing team can be destroyed. The second is that there is no own here, here everyone is for himself. Choose your weapons and stuff your frags, removing anyone who gets in your way. Recently, CSDM servers have been popular, where you can install guns and lasers, and use non-standard weapons and grenades. All this completely changes the classic gameplay and makes the game exciting.

Mod “Knife” – duels on knives

knife cs 1.6

The Knife mode means that on special maps, players can only use knives in battles. Less popular mod, but still has fans. Here, mainly professionals compete, who are trying to learn even better how to wield a knife. Recently, the classic Knife mode has changed, there are additions for players in the form of hats, costumes, and significantly redesigned functionality in the direction of improving the gameplay.