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Fire to kill in CS 1.6

Fire to kill in CS 1.6

Fire to kill in CS 1.6 will help you quickly navigate the situation and respond to the actions of opponents. That is why we decided to pay attention to this topic in the material below and teach you how to shoot to kill correctly.
Initially, you will need to download the cs 1.6 setup file from the pages of our portal, and after opening the game, go to the server and decide which part of the body will be shot. In this situation, long reflections will not be needed, because there are only two options: the head and body of the enemy.
If you want to give out a headshot, you need to be sure that you can hit the intended point with one or more shots. A miss in such a situation will lead to an opponent’s response, and the chances of survival in the round will approach the minimum mark. In view of the above, you need to act deliberately, and if necessary, it is better to wait than to drop out of the game.
By the way, in counter-strike 1.6 with improved graphics, there are high-quality models from CS Sowrs. And the updated textures of the maps will also not leave indifferent even demanding users. Therefore, if your attitude is decisive and you are going to improve your own skills, downloading such a game will be the most suitable option.

If you’re firing from a medium or long range, try to aim at your feet. The thing is that it’s hard enough to hit an opponent from that distance, and if you start aiming at your feet, the bullets will fly higher and are likely to hit the enemy’s body. You’ll need to debug the sight every time because, after several bursts, he will be knocked down.

When using the presented method of combat, you can achieve 100% success. The main thing is not to forget about setting the sight and reduce the interval between shots to a minimum. After some time, you will understand what is at stake, and you will be able to use both the machine gun and the pistol equally effectively, thereby approaching the status of “professional”.
Advantageous positions
The most advantageous position for you will be a situation in which the enemy moves towards the fire. In this case, he will have almost no chance of survival. In cases where the enemy begins to give out stress, thereby trying to escape from the bullet, you need to start shooting with a small spread. This will allow you to cover a large area.

If you see that several rivals are moving towards you, then you need to fire in large bursts, from left to right and in the opposite direction. In such a situation, you can hit the enemy with a stray bullet. But there is no guarantee that this shooting tactic will lead to the killing of all rivals. The main goal of this technique is to cause the enemy as much damage as possible, and then take an advantageous position and finish them off with additional shots.