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What does model, texture, sprite mean in counter-strike 1.6?

What do model, texture, and sprite mean in counter-strike 1.6?

Now builds do not hesitate to create even novice users who have only recently begun to master such a game as Counter-Strike. But in order for the creation to be of high quality as a result, you need to understand the principles of creating graphic modifications. And today we will talk about this issue in detail.

One of the most popular options is the sprite. This term is applied to raster images that can move without any obstacles, depending on the location of the player’s camera. But despite this fact, they are not 3D objects. If we take into account the fact that our shooter is already 20 years old, we can understand that in the past the developers used already outdated Graphic tricks. And now we can only see sprites in indie games. They have the format spr.

One file often contains both 1 and several images at once. This allows you to create simple frame-by-frame animations, and turn the file into something similar to GIF pictures.

The sprite is easily applied to the effect of transparency.

It should be set up for all the pictures in the file. As an elementary example, you can look at the crosshairs of the sight and understand what is being said. In fact, the graphic component of CS 1.6 is presented in the form of sprites.

Here we see:- marks from the shots; – Grenade explosions; – blood drops and other effects.

Therefore, the authors of the assemblies, announcing new sprites in their creations, have in mind only changes in these elements of their favorite shooter.

The GoldScr engine on which counter-strike is based has already crossed the mark of 17 years. As soon as this game was released, the authors stated that this is only an ordinary addition to Half-Life. In the modern world, this engine is very old, because it is very old. it only includes 256 colors, including sprites, textures, and models.

Run the spr file. Using the usual software on your computer, alas, you cannot run this file. This causes the need to download a special utility from the Internet. In our opinion, the optimal program available at the moment will be Sprite Viewer.

Creating sprites you need to realize that you have to put in a little bit of effort, and there can be difficulties in the process. But the main thing is not to give up, and then you will definitely succeed.

First, download the program. Textures have the appearance of images in BMP format. They enveloped all 3D models and other details on the map. Just look at the ceiling in any building, and you will understand what is going on. Textures of map objects are usually released in wad format. Barrel, equipment, and player model files are in the MDL format, and the cards are issued in the BSP.

And what causes the transparent appearance of a grenade? Everything lies on the surface. The reason for this is the limits of the engine. The thing is that with the help of blue textures, the gamer can achieve the transparency he needs. And for models, this is not relevant, and the grenade simply removes textures, not touching only the light outline.

Player models are presented in the form of 3D objects. You can apply a lot of textures to them. In fact, these are ordinary “skeletons” that can be changed. The same can be said about barrels. They turned into full-fledged models, which was not in the legendary game called DOOM.