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How to learn shoot properly in CS 1.6

How to learn shoot properly in CS 1.6

In this article, we will talk about how to properly shoot CS 1.6 in order to hit the head accurately.

Recommendation: How to read this article:

  • First stage. Teaching.  Watch a video lesson on how to shoot in counter-strike 1.6.
  • Second stage. Tuning.  Watch a video tutorial on setting up a mouse.
  • Final stage. Training.  We train your shooting with the help of bots and the aim400kg website.  You can make a training schedule. Seriously, if you really want to learn how to shoot, you have to go to the goal hard and disciplined. Like in the same T-shirt or hockey, for example.  Personally, for example, I played with bots for 10 minutes before starting the main game.

Training in proper shooting:


Video training on how to shot better in counter-strike 1.6“, in my opinion, is one of the best (if not the most) videos on the topic of shooting in Counter-Strike 1.6. Be sure to familiarize yourself even with those who are not particularly fond of this blogger.


  • Gaming devices
  • How to hold and move the mouse correctly
  • A few words about the physiological capabilities of a person

Tip: an important factor in shooting is the game client itself and the config. We strongly recommend downloading our optimized CS 1.6 with the config configured.

Mouse setup in CS 1.6


Before you go and stun your enemies with ammo, inspired by the butcher’s training, I recommend setting up the mouse correctly.

Shooting Training CS 1.6

Since eSports is the same sport, do not forget about training. They directly affect the skill of a person: accuracy, reaction, and speed. About the training, we will talk in this video.