COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 Admin Command list

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Counter-Strike 1.6 admin command list

Counter-Strike 1.6 admin command list:

If you admin in the CS server, then you need to know administration command.

In this quick tutorial, you will know Counter-Strike 1.6 main console ADMIN commands.

Also, a description of how to use ADMIN CS 1.6 command in the counter strike server.

COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 Admin Command

CS 1.6 admin CommandHow to use and what needs to be written in CS 1.6 console: ( example )
amx_kickamx_kick “Player nick
amx_banamx_ban “60 “Playe nick “your reason ban
amx_addbanamx_addban “Player nick “60 “your reason ban
amx_unbanamx_unban “Player IP
amx_slayamx_slay “Player nick
amx_slapexample: amx_slap “Player nick “5
amx_leaveamx_leave “player nick, or amx_leave all
amx_pauseamx_pause ( that’s command pause server in the game )
amx_whoamx_who ( will show players in server steam and other information )
amx_cvarexample: amx_cvar “and your plugin or cvar command
amx_mapexample: amx_map “de_dust2
amx_cfgamx_cfg <filename>
amx_rconamx_rcon “and your rcon command line
amx_pluginsamx_plugins ( will show you all working in CS server plugins )
amx_modulesamx_modules ( will show you a list of all loaded modules )


COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 Chat Commands

amx_sayexample: amx_say “I am sending a message player in the chat
amx_chatexample: amx_chat “I am sending a message to all admins in chat
amx_psayexample: amx_psay “Player Nick “I talk with you in private chat
amx_tsayexample: amx_tsay “I am talking with all players in left  hud message side
amx_csayexample: amx_csay “I am talking with all players in the center HUD message side

COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 Vote Commands

amx_votemapexample: amx_votemap “de_dust2  , but if you want more maps, so need write:  amx_votemap “de_dust2 “de_inferno “de_nuke
amx_votekickexample: amx_votekick “Player Nick
amx_votebanexample: amx_voteban “Player Nick
amx_voteexample: amx_vote “your question “your answer “your answer
amx_cancelvoteamx_cancelvote command will stop all votes on the server
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