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Top 10 Crazy Facts in Counter Strike 1.6

Counter-strike 1.6 players, we will tell you the most unexpected and craziest top 10 facts about your beloved game that you will probably hear for the first time! Let’s begin!

1. The 1-pixel gap is enough to throw grenades.

1-pixel gap is enaught throw granade on counter strike 1.6

2. The players will spend 1.9 seconds in attaching silencer on M4A1, but in UPS pistol it will take 3 seconds. Attaching silencer costs time, especially for the K&M . 45 Tactical (USP). But you can reduce this time. ( Press Mouse 2 ) after switching to Knife ( press mouse 3 ) and again switch to Pistol ( press mouse 2 )the player spend 1.9 seconds in attaching silencer on mka1

3. The most expensive single-player full buy is $9220

most expensive single player full buy on counter strike 1.6








 4. You don’t suffer fall damage if you jump correctly from a different place on the map. You need to jump at the same time and use the CTRL button to squat, for example as a place in the can suffer fall damage on counter strike 1.6

5. When you throw a flash, you will auto switch to a gun or knife. You can switch directly on 2and flash, after throwing 1st. ( how need to do that: ( Press Mouse 1 ) – at this moment, pres and hold Mouse 1 key to throw 2and Flashbang.

6. You can also jump on the hostage, just need to press the CTRL + SPACE keys together while can jump on the hostage in counter strike 1.6

7. You also can jump on the other player’s head.

you can jump on player head in counter strike 1.6

8. A player can levitate in the air by gun firing when friendly fire is enabled.player can levitate in the air by gun on counter strike 1.6

9. There is another way to open this door on cs_assault or de_nuke. You need to jump with ( space ) and same time look at the door press ( G ) for the drop gun. Also, you can close the door by dropping a gun or C4 or he on the door.another way open door with gun on counter strike 1.6

10. You can evade the blinding effect of flashbangs. A hostage in front of you protects you from Flashbangs and you will not blind.

evade from the blinding flashbang on counter strike 1.6

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