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RifO counter-strike 1.6 player config

cs 1.6 config download

COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 CONFIG file name: RifO Counter-strike 1.6 player config

CS 1.6 CONFIG country: Albania

Download CS 1.6 RifO config link:RifO download config counter-strike 1.6

How to install your counter-strike 1.6 config after you download cs 1.6 config from our site:

  1. Go to your counter-strike 1.6 folder, example default steam folder is “c:\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life”. Directory can be difference. You can check your game directory CS 1.6 be click right mouse on 1.6 CS game icon properties and Open File Location. Config file should be placed in CSTRIKE directory.
  2. Join in your counter-strike 1.6 game ( you can download it from here )
  3. Write in your CS 1.6 game console tab: exec ( and config file name ) example: exec example.cfg and click enter.example how to write in console cs 1.6 exec config

From our site //csdownload.net you can download not only counter-strike 1.6 game non-steam version for free, but also, counter-strike 1.6 config, cs 1.6 cfg and other cs configuration for better gaming play. Be irresistible after download config for counter-strike 1.6.


Description: config counter-strike 1.6 ( you can save this CS 1.6 config code in notepad by copy text without downloading: example, mycofing.cfg :

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