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Patch Notes – January 4, 2024 – Counter-Strike 2

Patch Notes – January 4, 2024 – Counter-Strike 2

General Fixes:

  • Resolved instances of map images loading with a noticeable delay in the Play menu.
  • Fixed a glitch displaying unequippable items in the Loadout menu.
  • Addressed issues preventing the unequipping of loadout items.
  • Fixed a bug where changes to the loadout were not saved if the game was exited shortly after modifications.
  • Rectified delays in applying loadout changes to the main menu character.

Demo Playback and Broadcasting Enhancements:

  • Corrected visual irregularities in demo playback.
  • Fixed animation playback issues in CSTV broadcasts.
  • Tweaked wear values of certain community stickers for better integration with CS:GO.

Map Adjustments:


  • Implemented simplified grenade collisions on corner trims and the central pillar at B site.


  • Refined clipping at A site steps between Walkway and Heaven.

These updates are designed to enhance the overall gameplay experience in Counter-Strike 2 addressing various issues and introducing improvements to demo playback, broadcasting, and specific map dynamics.