How to play like Pro counter-strike

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How to play like Pro counter-strike

The most effective method to Turn out to be Master In Cs 1.6!

Learn how to succeed! RESUME: #

1: Use your mouse to focus, and look around!

2: Burst fire and recoil control;

3: Use headphones and adjust the volume;

4: Stand still while firing!

5: Using popping and constant movement

6: Break through walls and set off fire!

7: Keep your cool;

8: Take the shot, and then ask questions The term “Hacker” should not be confused with “cheater.”

Hacking calls for skill. Downloading a script and acting like you wrote it is cheating. Cheating is bad for your ability to play CS well because it forces you to try not to appear to be cheating rather than improving your CS overall.

Because cheaters are unaware of the distinction between the two, they rely solely on “Google hacks” or “Downloaded skill,” which is why they will also be referred to as hackers! I want to believe that you see now. Another illustration is that I didn’t just copy and paste this article; rather, I wrote it from personal experience because I don’t cheat.

You need a decent computer with cable or DSL internet and 4 to 8 hours of Counter-Strike time per day to learn how to play like a pro. I’m not laughing, not at all; Pros participate in a scrimmage or practice for at least four hours, and public server addicts (also known as # Pub Nubs (you know, the guys who play on random servers all day and call everyone else newbies when compared to them) spend a good eight hours a day in pubs. First, focus, and use your mouse to look! Instead of looking, use your mouse to look around. Keep your crosshair moving at all costs!

Try to keep your head and eyes fixed on your crosshair at all times; simply stare as squarely as you can in the crosshair for five minutes, and the crosshair will begin to automatically focus on your aim and vanish. You can see anything that isn’t in the crosshair with your peripheral vision.

Score and enjoyment will suffer for anyone who does not continuously look through their crosshair. Your ability to focus and headshot ratio will definitely improve as a result. It is presumed that you have knowledge of this. This is meant to show everyone how important each skill is individually. # 2: Controlling your weapon’s recoil and burst fire will influence your accuracy and overall kill ratio. The key to effective killing is recoil control. To counteract the effect of the gun’s recoil when firing a bullet from a rifle, push down on your aim slightly (depending on your sensitivity). The power level and rate of fire of each gun are unique. The AK-47 and the M4A1 Carbine, two of Counter-Strike’s most popular weapons, will be discussed.

The AK-47 should be handled with tenderness. Unless you are about to meet “Allah” at the Pearly Gates, you should never use full-auto with this gun. The AK-47 has a lot of kickback and a lot of power. To control the recoil, you must press down on your aim more than with the Carbine.

You should typically fire one or two shots at a time. As long as you keep pressing down on your aim to counteract the recoil, you can use the M4A1 with great accuracy in bursts of one or two shots, and you can eliminate a crowd with six to ten bullets. If you use the silencer, also known as the surpressor, on this gun, it will affect how accurate your long-range weapon is. Therefore, only use the silencer when being stealthy is most important or when you are fairly close to the enemy (especially useful when flanking from behind!)

When you fire two bullets simultaneously, they travel directly into the chest and head of your enemy, resulting in a Double-Tap. Even if they are wearing helmet and full armor, this will kill them almost immediately. To Double Tap successfully, aim for the target’s upper chest and only fire two shots at once clearly and carefully. Otherwise, the target becomes nade material. Instead of just holding your fire and hoping for the best, you now actually HIT your target.

This is the point at which you begin to be referred to as an “Aim Bot.” 3: Put on your headphones and raise your volume, ideally to medium-high, so that you can hear enemies approaching from behind you and through walls. Newcomers may view this as a “wallhack” because they are unaware that experts listen more often than they aim!

When you are proficient with gunfire, the sound of your gun will fade into the background, allowing you to concentrate on the footsteps of other players! Also, you can hear if shots are hitting your enemy when you shoot through a wall with a deagle or rifle! You’re almost a “Hacker” now, so please go on to #4: Standing Still While Fireing! Before firing your weapon when strafing, also known as running sideways, try to stop perfectly still. This is a difficult skill that necessitates precise timing.

You strafe in one direction—let’s say you’re running to the LEFT and aiming for an enemy in the opposite direction. After firing, tap the RIGHT strafe button for about 30 seconds or more. Try moving LEFT, RIGHT, and then LEFT to help you get better at timing it. You’ll be able to see how long passes between pushing in the opposite direction and actually stopping and moving.

Once you master this skill, you’ll get a perfectly aimed shot and it might look like you’re still moving. Combining this skill with #5 – Popping also helps. 5 – Steady Development and utilizing Popping! “Why did the enemy kill me so quickly?” might be one of your thoughts. In the event that you purchase your new weapon and, you go out to claim, however end up kicking the bucket rapidly or you appear to type: ” consequently “F****** g*y!” I can offer you a solution.

Consistent Development keep CS players alive, particularly in Open Servers. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to prepare for an assault rather than constantly move during a match. Your score will go up a lot if you move constantly and walk when you want to be quiet and stealthy. Even though campers occasionally score 11-3, it takes them twice as long as someone who moves through the maps continuously.

Focus your crosshairs on the most likely camping spots one at a time and in order of appearance whenever you enter a new room or section of the map. This will assist you with claiming every one of the campers! Without jumping, popping is a quick way to look around a corner or over a box. Simply tap DUCK for a half-second while standing in front of a box that you can almost see over to perform Popping.

On awp_map, people jump over the spawn wall to see where others are without exposing too much of their head. You’ll be a pro if you can combine this skill with great focus on the target. In this situation, movement is just as crucial as any other skill. # 6 – Pre-fire and through walls! When you kill someone through a wall, I know that people will call you a hacker, and you will feel a rush and probably start laughing about it.

Cheating is not required to kill through the wall. Prepare to engage and either start walking or stop all movement when you hear an enemy running through a wall. When you hear footsteps, aim through the door or wall that is either thin or medium-thick to ensure that the sound is in balance! This indicates that you are aiming directly at the target because the volume is equal from left to right. When you pre-fire, you shoot through a wall just before emerging around it to surprise your opponent. Pre-Shooting 2-3 slugs, then moving out can be incredibly compelling as an interruption not long before you jump out to kill your foe.

They refer to you as a “Wallhacker” at this point. 7: Maintain Your Calm It is often overlooked, especially by pub players, but staying calm in a stressful situation will help you make better decisions. When you are shot at, you will instinctively look for cover rather than overreact and run out into the open.

At least 50% of the time, this will save your life. # 8: Take the Shot, Then Ask Questions Let’s create a hypothetical scenario in which you are employing the AWP and are aware that an adversary is approaching from a corner. Simply move your crosshair body level through the edge of the wall using #7 Stay Calm, and fire when the sound of his footsteps is balanced in your headphones from right to left. Fire, now! Avoid thinking: Is this bullet actually going to penetrate this wall and hit the target, sh*t?’ No. You shouldn’t be thinking. It is expected of you to kill and remain focused on the kill. After shooting, quickly switch to your sidearm, either a deagle or an usp, and kill your opponent who is stunned. Now use your personal spray to spray his body. This is roughly the point at which you attain true “Hacker” status, and what does it mean? You can now post in discussions about how you got prohibited for being a Genuine KILLING MACHINE! When you wonderful these abilities, don’t be a “Bar Stub” for eternity! ( Yes, I continue to be a League player and a Pub Nub. I keep it balanced.

Go PRO! Because you can’t just quit or leave the server, it’s a whole new game that can be much more challenging at times but also much more enjoyable at other times.