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How to make Counter-Strike 1.6 custom spray

how to make own custom spray counter-strike 1.6

How to make Counter-Strike 1.6 “custom spray”

In Counter-Strike 1.6, you can put your own made or online found Custom “spray”.

What is Counter-Strike 1.6 “custom Spray”?

The CS gamer approaching the wall and pressing the letter “T”  can leave the spray created by him himself
, which will be seen by all CS 1.6 players on the game server at that time.

What kind of program do you need to make your own “custom spray” that all CS players will see, and also a detailed explanation:

  1. You must make it yourself or find on the Internet the photo you want to use.  Format of photos must be .bmp , .gif , or jpg.  Other formats are not suitable, they will not work.
  2. You need to downloadHl TagConverter” program with the help of which you will be able to convert the photo into the format you need, which is a .wad file.
  3. After making a .wad file you must upload it to the CS 1.6 game directory, which is located in “valve/logos”
  4. The .wad file you have produced must be named “tempdecal.wad”
  5. If you find a “tempdecal.wad” file in folder valve/logos, you must delete or rename it
  6.  Make sure that your “tempdecal.wad” file is “read-only”, you can set this by clicking on the file with the right mouse button and entering the properties of the file

NOTE: if not work, then tempdecal.wad file place in your game location /cstrike directory, but first remove already exists “tempdecal.wad file.

The tutorial on how to make “custom spray” in counter-strike 1.6 is finished, now enter the game and approach the wall and press the letter “T”  to see your photo which you have reworked.  The custom spray will see also all other counter-Strike 1.6 players.

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