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CS Surf Settings – CS:GO, Source & 1.6

In CS, surf maps has gained a lot of popularity: Source and GO. You will not be able to surf properly if you do not first set a few settings if you want to do some independent surfing. The following settings are compatible with Counter-Strike: CS 1.6, Global Offensive, and CS Source.

Settings for CS Surf – CS: Start the game and open the developer console () after downloading a surf map for GO, Source, and CS 1.6. Enter the following commands to modify the settings once you are in the console.

CS:GO & CS:Source Surf settings

sv_accelerate 10
sv_airaccelerate 800

Default values

sv_accelerate 5.6
sv_airaccelerate 12

The sv_airaccelerate is the real difference maker. It does a fairly straightforward job: When you’re in the air, it makes you accelerate faster or slower. The values of sv_accelerate and sv_airaccelerate on some servers are either high or low. They could, for instance, have sv_airaccelerate set to 1000 rather than 800.

You can also change the sv_airaccelerate to make it harder or easier.

Surf difficulties

  • Hard: sv_airaccelerate 100
  • Semi hard: sv_airaccelerate 150
  • Medium: sv_airaccelerate 200
  • Easy: sv_airaccelerate 400
  • Fun: sv_airaccelerate 800
  • Extra easy: sv_airaccelerate 1000

Setting the sv_accelerate value above 10 will make your strafing appear too exaggerated, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Use the console command “bot_kick” to get rid of bots that have been added by the server.


Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike zero surf settings

sv_airaccelerate 300
sv_airmove 10