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CS 1.6

CS 1.6

Download CS 1.6 for free

It’s easy to download CS 1.6! Is there a gamer who doesn’t know this shooter? Just think that CS is even now the most desirable game in the whole world.  Counter-Strike 1.6 gave a huge impetus to the creation of other shooters similar to the legendary CS. Free download CS 1.6, at high speed, with a huge selection of servers, the best protection, this is the main thing that every player dreams of.

Features of our assembly will allow you to download CS 1.6 with the following properties:

  • The build is based on the official Steam version of the original.
  • In the search, there are many servers with different modifications.
  • You can save game servers as favorites.
  • The language in the settings, console, and chat — is English.
  • Unique voice acting of voice commands.
  • Quick and easy installation of the game.
  • Works on all versions of Windows.

The most popular builds are:

Download CS 1.6 with cheats

  • Functional and convenient reading menu.
  • The best cheats of 2020 have been established.
  • You can practice with bots.
  • Some cheats are private.

Download CS GO for weak PCs

  • All settings are in the English language.
  • Fast download and installation.
  • Low ping, high fps.
  • New background picture.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • It is possible to play with smart bots.
  • The client is completely in the English language.
  • Replaced the picture of the main menu.
  • New models of players and weapons.

What is Counter-Strike 1.6?

Counter-Strike 1.6 is the most popular first-person team shooter. The toy was released in 1999 as a small modification to Half-Life, but in a short time managed to win the hearts of millions of players across the Earth. And all because CS 1.6 has many positive aspects, starting with the minimum characteristics required for the work of the game, and ending with high-quality shooting and retractable gameplay. To appreciate the rest of the charms of CS,  you should start downloading from our site in one click.

In addition to all this, the CS unites people into one whole, making them a cohesive team that will do everything for the victory of its allies. And these are only a few advantages of the shooter, to learn about the rest of the charms of cs, just install the shooter by clicking on the button above, in any convenient way completely free and without registration. To summarize, CS 1.6 can without any doubt be called one of the most successful video games of the last century, which to this day is played by thousands of fans around the world, from schoolchildren to adult children, and a small female audience.

The main types of cards in Counter-Strike 1.6

The game will take place between a brigade of counter-terrorists, which includes elite special forces, and a gang of terrorists consisting of thugs from around the world. When you first connect to the server or a single game with bots, you will receive an offer on whose side to start the gameplay, while performing various tasks on the map.

There are many interesting locations for combat battles. We present the 3 most playable and popular types of cards at the moment.

 “DE” – on these maps, a team of terrorists must get to the place of planting a bomb at any cost in order to install explosives and blow up an important object. Counter-terrorists must not allow the detonation of dynamite, as well as destroy all enemies, or demine the tape.

“CS” is a wonderful location where brave commandos must storm a certain object filled with armed terrorists and bring the detained hostages to a safe place. If at the end of the round, the pledges are not saved, then the team of terrorists will win.

“AS” – the main goal of the terrorists is the elimination of the VIP person, accompanied by special forces to the point of evacuation. This person can become absolutely any player from the team of counter-terrorists, while he will receive a huge supply of life. Only a pistol is available as a weapon. A rather old location.

Now it became known about the most popular types of cards. There are many other interesting and exciting modifications that are presented on our site. The developers work tirelessly every day on new maps, thereby making a huge contribution to the development of the toy as a whole. It remains only to find a suitable server in the global search for the game with fascinating locations and a friendly atmosphere. To do this, you need to use our assemblies.

The main advantages of Counter-Strike 1.6

CS 1.6 has many positive qualities, and we, in turn, decided to highlight the most important features of the game client.

  • You can download the game for free from our website. No registration, just click on the download button and install the client on your desktop.
  •  CS 1.6 is undemanding on resources. You can run the toy even on the oldest PC and on any version of Windows.
  • A large number of different modifications. When you run CS, in the tab “Internet” there are many servers with mods for every taste.
  • High-quality shooting and an intuitive interface for any user. Bullets in the XC fly exactly at the target, respectively, the minimum spread, judging by the reviews of many players. All our cs builds are completely in the English language, (chat, settings, menu), the exception is the original version.
  •  A variety of modern builds. We can download many different versions of the game. For example, from YouTubers, or from professional gamers. Each user will be able to find the build that will suit him.
  •  A small installer of the game. All our builds weigh about 200 megabytes. You can install and run cs 1.6 even from a modem.
  • Many versions of the XC have been fully or partially modernized. Added new models of weapons, game characters, and many beautiful locations.

Popular server modifications in CS 1.6

Mods are innovations that affect the gameplay of the toy. The bulk of the shooter audience spends their free time exclusively on public games. Nowadays, a huge number of other, no less popular modifications have also been created.

A variety of modifications of the shooter:

  Public – bomb installation and clearance

The most popular and easy mode. Players will have to install explosives on maps such as de_ at all costs, playing as a team of terrorists, as well as neutralize it, if it was installed, a team of brave counter-terrorists. Or rescuing hostages in locations such as cs_.

 Zombie – the battle of people against zombies

Quite a popular mod among servers counter-strike 1.6. At the beginning of the round, players receive weapons and can hide in a safe place. But after a while, one of the gamers becomes infected with a virus, turning into a zombie. This character must infect as many other players as possible. People must survive at all costs.

Jailbreak – a riot of prisoners in prison

The action of the game on this mod will develop in the prison, where the commandos become guards who give orders, and the terrorists – prisoners, dutifully fulfilling all orders. Zekes can play mini-games, hide in various places, get hold of other people’s weapons, and most importantly arrange a riot.

Deathrun – locations with interesting traps

At these locations, the team of counter-terrorists must go through a map full of different traps and obstacles. The team of terrorists will be represented by just one player, who controls all these traps. If, after all, the commando can pass all the obstacles, he will receive a cannon and will be able to kill his enemy.

CSDM – installation of guns and laser mines

Players on the servers in addition to free weapons get at their disposal guns and laser mines. Competently placing guns and installing mines, you can destroy enemies by the hundreds, and earn a lot of game money. Also, after death, players will be instantly reborn. The addictive gameplay is expected for a long time.

Above are the coolest and most fascinating mods that are most often found on CS 1.6 servers. Very often, administrators like to mix mods, making them to the taste of the player. For example, playing in the public you can meet the appropriate game mode, and at night the server can turn into a DeathMatch mod. There is no limit to human fantasies.

What choice of weapons and equipment does the game offer?

The shooter makes it possible to use almost any gun that comes to mind. There is a wide choice of pistols, machine guns, machine guns, and rifles. You can also buy grenades, body armor, and a helmet. The maximum number of grenades is 4 pieces, and to be more precise, then: 1 explosive, 1 smoke, and 2 dazzling (flash drives).

The most popular weapon in the game is the M4A1, which can be purchased by playing as a team of special forces, and the AK47, it is always in the terrorist squad. The coolest gun will be the Deagle, which costs about $ 1,000. Both teams are eligible for the purchase. That’s all, now the most popular guns and equipment in counter-strike 1.6 have become known, it remains only to install the shooter at high speed and enjoy the gameplay.

Monetary Economy

The gameplay of many shooters is built on numbers, CS 1.6 is no exception. Armor, the standard of living, damage to the enemy, the number of cartridges in the clip, and much more are provided by the game. However, the most important figure on the counter is money. At the beginning of the card, each player receives a starting capital – of $ 800, on many servers, it can be different, it all depends on the server administrators. For completing the goals of the map,  killing opponents, and for victory of the team, a certain amount of money is issued. For well-deserved funds, you can buy a high-quality gun, for example, AK-47 (Kalashnikov assault rifle, or AWP (Arctic Warfare). The toy makes it possible to purchase almost any weapon, it all depends on your gaming skills and imagination. It is forbidden to kill hostages, firstly, the meaning of the game is lost, and secondly, a playful fine will come, and all money will be written off from the balance.

Every gamer needs to know for what merits the team can receive funds, and for what you will have to pay a fine.

For the elimination of one terrorist – $ 300.

Complete elimination of the enemy team – 3250 $.

Commandos can make money on the following:

Evacuation of hostages – $ 1000 and $ 150 for each rescued.

Demining the installed bomb – 2750 $ + 4 frames in the TAB account.

 ● Loss — 1400 $.

A gang of terrorists will receive a cash bonus for:

 ● Destruction of the commando – $ 300.

Killing all members of the enemy team – $ 3250.

Detonation of explosives – 3500 $.

Gain as a result of the destruction of counter-terrorists who cleared the bomb 2750 $.

Loss — 1400 $.

You will have to pay a fine:

When taken hostage – 150 $.

For the murder of a teammate – $ 3300.

If you destroy a hostage – 1500 $.

Summing up, having learned about the economics of the game Counter-Strike, we can say only one thing you need to save money, especially with regard to the initial rounds. It is worth buying weapons and ammunition in the quantity in which they are useful. After all, it’s always a shame to throw money to the wind. It is necessary to rationally use the budget of the shooter, as it will affect the outcome of the battle.

System requirements for playing CS 1.6

Since the game was released more than 20 years ago, so all modern computers will easily launch the counter and will be able to produce a stable 100 FPS. True, there are exceptions, there are still PCs on which there are possible various hangs of the game-modified builds.

The recommended system requirements for CS 1.6 are as follows:

Processor: Intel Pentium 3 @ 800 MHz;

RAM: 128 MB;

Video Card: 32 MB;

 ● Hard drive: 130 MB of free space.

DirectX: 12.0.

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10;

  ● Internet access.

Also, for the high-quality work of the client, we advise you to download Counter Strike 1.6 of the clean version, without any unnecessary additions, in order to get the maximum performance of the shooter in return. To play X 1.6 on the Internet, you need to have a high-speed stable Internet connection, getting the minimum ping value.