COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 Source edition

counter strike 1.6 source edition

CS 1.6 Source edition

Free download is always a nice idea. And if you are a fan of cs 1.6, we have perfect news for you – we have a free download of cs for you. Free download counter strike is able for everyone who will visit our website. One more important thing is that free download c.s will save not only your money, but it will also save your time too. You need only 5 minutes to download counter-strike 1.6.

One of the reasons, why cs 1.6 is so popular, is that this game has a lot of versions. One of them is cs 1.6 source edition. So, let’s know more about it.

This edition of the game includes many essential features including powerful protection from malicious scripts. Let’s know more about the features: CSS player models; CSS hostage models; CSS hands and weapon models; CSS sounds; new sprays; GUI and HUD from Counter-Strike Source; bots (Controls: “H”); guaranteed to run on Windows 10+ and earlier versions; 48 proto; 100% Anti-Hacking protection.

Don’t waste your time – download cs 1.6 from our website. Free download counter strike it is an opportunity to save your money and enjoy a perfect time. Enjoy life, enjoy a Counter-Strike.

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