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Cheats types counter-strike 1.6

How to distinguish cheaters in counter-strike 1.6

Cheats types in counter-strike 1.6

  • WH (wallhack), allows you to see the player or his position through the walls.
    [Note: It is not possible to see the entire map at the same time and cannot be seen through certain places even with “hacks”]
  • AIM (aim hack), automatic application. This hack himself targets the player when the player tries to shoot. [For
    example, a cheater targets the player in the legs or just next to the player, but when the shooting button is pressed – the target automatically “sticks” to the head of the nearest player and in most cases hits the head][Note
    : Aim usually goes along with the no-recoil, which you will read about in the following point]
  • No Recoil, there is no recoil when shooting, or it is significantly muted. This method of fraud is most often in the form of a script, that is, this is not an auxiliary program, but simply an auxiliary script is written into a config file.
  • Speed (speed hack ), is a “hack” that speeds up/increases the speed/quantity of outbound packages, leading to the shooting, jogging, and all other actions that accelerate many times. [Note
    : The length of the distances to be run depends on the chronometer’s internet speed. A player with a speed can not run without shortstops or knocking on the walls, as he often cannot fully control himself at the moment of accelerated running .]

How to distinguish cheaters in counter-strike 1.6

  • Aim. When you are a spectate and watch a player from the first person, you will notice that the target unnaturally quickly “sticks” to the head. With several enemies at once, they shoot at one person until he receives a headshot or simply dies and jumps sharply to another enemy. You will often notice that the target jumps heavily in all directions from the center of the shooting during the shoot. It can also be AIM, but even more often it is caused by the use of No Recoil.
  • No recoil. The target is very shaken when the player is shooting. This is due to the fact that most often no recoil script or program tries to correct deviations in the rebound target and shifts the target where the shot is still hitting where you would still hit it. You were originally targeted before you started shooting. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish such a fraudster, because he has mastered several aspects of the game, such as movement, jumping, good perception of the map, and the ability to distinguish from sound where other players are. If you notice that a player is not or does not look like a good player, but in some magical way shoots more peacefully than others – there is a good chance that he has No Recoil. It is always possible to ask if a person is using any excerpt from the Internet. cfg (configuration file, if anyone does not know) and ask until “spectate” so that he simply presses the firing button to point to the wall. If it carves and drives the whole caliper to or very close to the center (especially characteristic of what carves very aptly with the AK-47), it has some kind of No Recoil.[Note: Players shooting in a series of 2-4 bullets
    are often able to control the rebound without any assists.]
  • Speed. I don’t think there’s any need to comment on this hack. It is not difficult to notice or even hear it. You can hear it freely when you hear the nettles behind the wall fast and a lot of curiosity or you hear someone shooting “way too fast”.
  • WH. In the end, I kept the hardest-to-trace cheats. Although it seems to many that such a hack is easy to distinguish – you are mistaken. A good player with good map knowledge, good hearing, and radar can perfectly mimic the operation of the wallhack. Note that many things in this gameplay sound. The sound emanates from its launch center in all directions in a circle. Those who are closer will hear that sound better than the person who continues, but being behind the wall or not has no effect on it. A person with headphones can hear quite exactly where the sound comes from since the headphones have two sides. LEFT and RIGHT. If the sound is coming from a certain side, you will hear the sound with only one earbud, but if your target is facing the center of the sound release – the sound you will hear from both sides of the headset with the same strength. The second step is radar. When you hear the sound, you do not know whether it is the enemy or not, but if you look at the radar and do not find a dot there – you will know that it is an enemy, not a friend. The third is a check shot. If you shoot through the box and hit the enemy, it is possible to hear how he gets the damage. It sounds like a suffocating ugh sound. Thus, by adjusting accordingly, a person can find another player quite easily. So, how to distinguish WH? The most common feature – he does not listen to sound. If you see that a person does not adjust to the sounds of the game at all and finds even those players who did not make a single sound, in other words, find those who There was no way to be tracked down so that player could be WH. Nowadays, there is still such a thing as saying via Skype or TeamSpeak programs. Most often, a person who uses WH immediately comes out targeting a person who sits behind a deck, ignoring all the other environments. For example, we play de_dust2, 1 is hiding A bomb site next to those three green boxes. CS player with a WH comes out of the ramp, he either immediately starts shooting and does not stop until he shoots a person. Note that this is not a check shot, but a whole series of shots at once. Or he just sticks out in a circle, targeting the box where the player is, and doesn’t check other places like the sides or, say, the center at all. Because he already sees the position of the player.
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