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Effective and popular weapons in Counter-Strike

Effective and popular weapons in Counter-Strike

In Counter Strike, players are presented with a fairly large selection of weapons, but not all types are in demand. The reasons for this are different, the weapon is either expensive or has a low rate of fire and weak killing power. Therefore, experienced players try to buy weapons balanced in price and efficiency. This includes a Deagle pistol, an AWP sniper, an AK-47 assault rifle, and an M4 assault rifle. Without a knife, nowhere, it is issued to everyone without exception, it cannot be thrown off.

knife counter-strike

A knife is a weapon that is given to all players, it cannot be dropped. Even if you run out of ammo you can defend yourself with a knife. The developers of the shooter have created all the weapons in the game as realistically as possible. So the knife has two types of blow: stabbing and cutting. The first deals maximum damage when the second type hits the tangent causing rapid damage. Use the left and right mouse buttons.

deagle counter-strike

The Deagle is the only gun in CS 1.6 that doesn’t even care about walls and punches them only in this way. An accurate shot to the head will hit the enemy, on which there will be a protective helmet. The clip fits 7 rounds, and the cost of Digl is 650 game bucks. This pistol is most often purchased by snipers. A professional player who has a sniper and a Deagle in the arsenal becomes a real machine for reprisals against the enemy.

ak-47 counter-strike

The AK-47 is an assault rifle produced by the USSR/Russia, which can be purchased by players of the Terrorist team. It has a huge killing power, one accurate shot to the head from any distance is enough to hit the enemy. The cost of weapons is $ 2500 in in-game currency, the magazine capacity is 30 rounds. Shooting a clamp for the “Kalash” is not suitable due to the high spread, here you should shoot 1-2 bullets to quickly destroy the enemy.

m4 counter-strike

The M4A1 is an American-made assault rifle. In CS 1.6, it is available for purchase by players of the Counter-Terrorist team. Beginners prefer this weapon more than the AK-47 and, if they fight for the “bad”, they try to pick up the “Mk4” as a trophy. Professionals also like this rifle, since the weapon has high accuracy and rate of fire. Plus there is a muffler, which really slightly worsens the characteristics.

awp counter-strike

AWP is a sniper rifle referred to by players as an “elephant” or “elephant“. Weapons are so popular that everyone tries to buy them, and many servers have plugins that limit the purchase of snipers. And this is for a reason because one exact shot is enough to knock the enemy to the ground and he no longer stood up. But it is better not to miss, because you will have to spend precious time reloading, and the enemy does not sleep.

grenades counter-strike

Grenades – are divided into 3 types: fragmentation, light, and smoke. For a full set, get ready to give 700 greens. Grenades are used depending on the situation, if you know the enemy has few HP (lives) left, then throw an explosive grenade in his direction. A blinding grenade can be used against a group of opponents and then eliminate them with their main weapon. Smoke will come in handy if you need to sneak into a position unnoticed.