Download Counter-Strike 1.6 on Android Counter-Strike 1.6 Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Download / Play and Download CS 1.6 for Free

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 on Android

Download CS 1.6 on Android

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 on Android

With Counter-Strike 1.6 1.6 on your phone, both working and learning are more fun.  You can play in a boring lecture,  on the way to work, during a break, or even at a  meeting with the boss if you hide behind colleagues.  Today, the famous shooter “of all times and peoples” easily fits into a smartphone or tablet, which everyone has with them.  You can easily download Counter-Strike 1.6 to your Android device and train your own skills anywhere and anytime.

To enjoy all the advantages of your favorite CS game on mobile devices, you need to download a modified version.  In addition to the archive with game files,  you will need to download 2  more third-party applications that are responsible for the functionality and launch.  All three links are usually located in one place and are freely available on the network.   Note that you need to download it to the root folder.  After downloading, the game shortcut will appear in the menu of your smartphone or tablet.  Running Counter-Strike 1.6 on a mobile gadget,  you will have to spend some time getting used to the controls.

Still bored on steam, in the subway, or at lunchtime?  Do not want to part with your favorite toy on summer vacation and during the holidays?  Need to relax and distract yourself?  Then Counter-Strike 1.6 on your smartphone is exactly what you need!



  • The mode of passing the map with bots makes it possible to tighten up your own skills or remember a specific map.
  • Single-player game, where all decisions are made by the player independently.
  • For multiplayer games, stable servers are available that are easy to find.
  • Classic scenario (find and defuse a bomb, rescue hostages, defeat the enemy team, etc.).
  • An excellent selection of maps on which tasks are performed in different locations – castle, echelon, office (Estate, Train, Office), etc.

Review of Counter Strike 1.6 build on OS “Android”

The favorite game now on Android

Attention!  You can connect with CS 1.6 for Android only to special servers of the mobile version.  It is impossible to play on classic 1.6 servers since they have different protocols.

Your favorite shooter will be available all the time if there is a network.  Now the lack of a stationary PC is not a  problem, you can not part with the game in transport, on the street.  The developers managed to preserve the spirit and graphics of the game (3D mode), sound effects, and character physics.  You can choose and purchase weapons, play according to different scenarios, and earn virtual money.

If this is the first experience of playing on the platform, then it may seem unusual to control the player with the help of a translucent joystick and buttons.  The control keys are conveniently located, so there will be no difficulties in the process of passing the map.  The function of moving the control buttons is available. On the left side of the screen there is a joystick with which you can control the player.  On the right is a joystick for rotating the camera.

After 3-4 rounds, you can acquire the necessary skills and cope with enemies “perfectly”.  The game client in Counter-Strike is stable, dynamic, and not difficult to manage.  You can download a shooter to your phone or other mobile device based on Android in just a couple of minutes.