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Download Counter Strike 1.6 Minecraft Edition

counter-strike 1.6 minecraft edition download

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Minecraft Edition

Download Zombie Edition CS 1.6 link: DOWNLOAD 

This is one of the latest versions which is designed in such a way that it becomes the most liked version of Counter-Strike that everybody loves to play. CS and Minecraft are popular and well-known games but let’s just admit that they both contain legendary features that everybody enjoys. This version is an amalgam and mixture of both of the above-mentioned games.

Let’s now look at what Counter Strike 1.6 Minecraft Edition has offered to its users. The main menu has been redesigned and presents the user with the environment having a great color scheme and original MC theme music. The most noticeable feature is the replacement of the knife with the diamond pickaxe.

On the other hand, you will observe the change in the texture of the standard maps and you will see the MC blocks along with the other texture i.e. grass, wood, etc. You will be seeing a change in the player models for example their look and appearance are now updated and changed. Along with other qualities, this version is quite stable and solid. This new design serves its user with bots with a very convenient menu that helps them to set the level of difficulty, the right quota, and much more.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Minecraft Edition Features

Some of the best features that this version provides us are the following:

  • This version contains the different Minecraft designs that make this version more enjoyable and interesting to play
  • It has developed and designed the new Minecraft weapon designs that attract new users and players.
  • Also updated and compose the new player designs that make the game more fascinating and captivating.
  • It provides us the guarantee that the given version to run on Windows 10+.
  • The version provides us the maximum anti-hacking protection so you can enjoy your game without any interruption.
  • The user will encounter unlimited and quick download momentum.
  • The game installation is fast and rapid that will take less than a minute that

System Requirements

  • To download counter strike 1.6 Minecraft editions, system requirements are the following:
  • The PCs windows that support this version include 10, 8, or 8.1, 7, XP and 2000, ME, 98, and 95.
  • CPU has a clock rate of 1200 GHz or can be higher.
  • The RAM required for the proper functioning of this mod should be 512MB or higher.
  • A graphic card of 128 MB or more is required for a better display on the screen
  • 750 MB of available hard disk space is required for speedy download and installation
  • Access to the internet is required for the proper streaming of this game


If you want to play Counter Strike with a better experience and quality, download this Counter Strike 1.6 Minecraft Edition which is the most solid and powerful version along with 100% protection against hacking, viruses, or any malicious scripts. Many different servers help you in downloading and providing you with the best possible gaming experience. Also, it is one of the most well-designed mods till now. You can easily download and quickly install this version and have fun by playing this quality game.

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