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Download Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition

counter-strike 1.6 India Edition download

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition

Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition is an amazing game that is made for the people of India specifically. The game has interesting and some great updates that will astonish the people when they would play it. Moreover, the games come with new maps, weapons, and player models that can create excitement in the players. Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition uses the latest build 9211 which is up-to-date with the latest features and modern updates of the game. Download now to explore India and defeat enemies.

Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition

To know more about the game, it is best to take a deeper look at it. The game opens with the Indian national flag look and the game has a national anthem of India along with the remix sound of it. Moreover, the colors of the background of the game and overall are related to the Indian national colors. Let’s dig deeper and start a server to know more about the game. Once opened and navigated through the menu of the game, it can be seen that the game has updated player models and skins and there is an addition of new weapons in the game. The characters in the game are also updated which means the quality of graphics is also outstanding.

Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition comes with all the new weapons set and gives the player a new angle view to play the game to fire weapons. These features provide a better look at the whole game in the new version. Apart from this, there are HUD and radar added to the game which makes the game look modern and better looking. For the people of India, this game is a great pick; however, if you are not from India, you should give it a try.

The game comes with the latest build 9211 and it includes HP, Avatar, and money on the scoreboard other such features are also added in the game. Moreover, you can download the game from different sources; however, you can connect with the online setup through a browser and play the game. It is 100% secure and safe and you can play the game on any random server. Download the brand new edition and it will immerse you into the challenging world.


  • New HD textures of default maps
  • Latest build 9211
  • New HD player skins
  • Avatars, HP, and money on the scoreboard
  • New radar and HUD
  • Download For Free
  • Powerful protection
  • Smart bots


Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition is an amazing game when it comes to modified graphics, guns, player models and skins, and much more. Counter-Strike 1.6 India Edition is made for the citizens of India specifically so that they can feel at home while playing the game. This could be something they can say is theirs. The game can be downloaded directly from the page as a direct link has been given or players can go to the torrent site where they can download the game. However, downloading from the direct link is more convenient. The links and server are protected and you can play the game without any worry. cs 1.6 India Edition Download Now!

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Counter Strike 1.6 Download