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Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Go Edition

counter-strike 1.6 go Edition download

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Go Edition

With the new year, comes the new edition of the game that is going to keep players intact on the screen for some hours. The design of the game is similar to the CS; GO, such as the hostage models, player models, weapons, sound effects, and much more. This game has amazing graphics which gives it an exclusive look.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Go Edition

To know more about the game let’s take a closer look. The game comes with an amazing background image with a great soundtrack that will keep running while you are navigating through the main menu. The menu is simple and easily understandable which makes it easy for the players to customize the game according to their needs. They can set the difficulty level, amount of players, and other aspects of the game through it.

This version of the game Counter-Strike 1.6 Go Edition will provide the players with one of the best experiences that is available to them without any doubt. They can play the CS GO version of this game with next-level modifications that will make everything exciting. When the game starts, the map is loading and the players will have to follow a fixed set of rules to protect the hostages and kill the terrorist team.

The players all around the world can join the serves present on the internet and can play as a team in this game. The whole network and the game is secure and protected from any kind of malicious scripts and files which means you can play the game without any worry. You can get the game here and it has Kaspersky Antivirus which means it has complete protection and is completely safe to use.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Go Edition has the best HD models in the game along with the HD terrorist team with the high-definition CT team. The reason behind this is that all the characters and elements are directly exported or transferred from the main Global Offensive version of the game to this 1.6 edition of the game. This made the game great to be played by all players of all levels whether beginners or professionals.


  • New player characters
  • New NPCs
  • New hands and weapon models
  • New sounds
  • 15 new sprays
  • GUI and HUD from CS: GO
  • Bots (Controls: “H”)
  • Guaranteed to run on Windows 10 and earlier versions
  • Download for Fee
  • 100% Anti-Hacking protection
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Fast installation


The Counter-Strike 1.6 Go Edition is everything that you want to play as a team to protect the hostages from criminals and terrorists. This game comes with amazing graphics, weapons that make you feel good while firing them, and other aspects of the game that are highly appreciated. Moreover, the game can be downloaded from the website or through the torrent file and it is available online for the players to play it. Players will be doing more than just playing the game, instead, they would be saving the hostages from the terrorists. Download Now!

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