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counter-strike 1.6 CCET SHOW download


Counter-Strike 1.6 CCET Show download is a brand new amazing version of Counter-Strike. This is a remarkable edition for those who want something new in their gameplay while still enjoying the original gameplay. It means CS has a variety of cool add-ons, and that means it is quite feature-rich. However, it does not stray too far from the classic version, just enough to keep things fresh. Direct links or torrents are available for downloading CS 1.6 CCET Show.

CS 1.6 ccET Show Edition

Let’s get into the details of the CS 1.6 CCET Show. As the game is launched, players experience great new designs for the menus: an awesome soundtrack, a cool background image, and a nice color scheme. To gain a better understanding of gameplay, let’s enter a server. Immediately, you’ll notice something new: simplified player models that improve performance and make identifying enemies easier.

There are several features why players should consider download CS 1.6 ccET Show, but the most important reason is the new HD weapon skins. You won’t want to switch to another version with such guns; you’ll have a blast playing it. Furthermore, this particular CS is running the excellent 9211 build, which allows avatars to be visible on the scoreboard, just like in Steam. The scoreboard also displays HP and money, so have fun. Further, steam accounts are synchronized with this CS, and your steam avatar will appear with other steam users if you keep it running.

Aside from that, you can play smart bots offline. To succeed in CS, beginners need to start offline. Whenever you feel comfortable and trained with bots, open the server browser to choose a server that is suitable for you.

Playing this CS addition at any location is 100% safe thanks to powerful protection. Every kind of mod you want is included in this CS game, from classic publics to zombies, deathrun, and more. The CS has a super-fast resources download speed, so even if you find a heavy mod, you will not have a problem connecting to a zombie server within 20-30 seconds.


  • New player models
  • New weapon skins
  • Latest 9211 build
  • New unique design and atmosphere
  • Avatars, HP, and money on the scoreboard
  • Fast resources download speed
  • Powerful protection
  • Excellent servers in the browser
  • 100% protection


There is nothing you won’t like about Counter-Strike 1.6 ccET Show as far as new features are concerned, like graphics, guns, soundtracks, player models, and protection. CCET Show is the perfect option for players looking for some refreshing change without compromising on the whole game.

Downloading Counter-Strike ccET Show via a direct link or through a torrent is both safe and secure. When you want to download it as quickly as possible, you can try the first method. The second method can also be used by uTorrent users to download the game. You can choose between these two methods since they are both safe and quick. Download cs 1.6 CCET Show Now from our website!

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