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Download Counter Strike 1.6 Admin Edition

counter-strike 1.6 admin edition download

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Admin Edition

The developers are proud to present you with the new and most appreciable version of Counter-Strike, and now you can download this version via a direct link. By any of the given options, you can get this game. Some of the variations this version includes are administrative options and privileges, for example, changes in the menu, hook, and grab.

Let’s have a detailed look at this version of CS. The major variation that this version has from the original one is fully operated AmxModX, which has one of the best admin menus and enables the player to make some of the changes according to his wish like change in the map, migration of the player from one team to another transfer of individuals, smack or ban the players and much more. You can have fun with bots, invite your friends and play the game with them that revolves around what you need and want. The new player is advised to start their gameplay with bots.

The hook is switched on by pressing mouse3 or “V,” which enable the player to move from one place to another on the map like Spiderman, the mean of crossing a large distance within no time. The grab is also there which permits the player to grasp the player with the help of some kind of superpower and which is also identical to a gravity gun. This will let you throw your opponent; destroy them by striking them on the floor. The player will enjoy the game; feels refreshing and amazing

This version provides you the protection from malicious scripts. The in-game server browsers compose of any type of server around the world. You can simply search the mod you are searching for, whether it is a classic one or surfing. If the player is short, he can simply use the random server option to connect to the prime locations within no time.


  • This version consists of one of the best admin menus that enable players to make changes and variations according to their choices and preferences.
  • Adding the hook in this version helps the player change the location within no time.
  • Similarly, the grab is there to grasp and throw your enemy or foe much like the gravity gun.
  • The specific version is guaranteed that it will run on window 10 or later
  • This version provides you the maximum anti-hack protection so you can enjoy it without interruption
  • The player will encounter the fast and easy download dynamic.
  • The game installation is quick and fast just takes less than a minute.

System Requirement

  • Windows PCs that support this version include 10, 8, 8.1 7, XP, etc
  • The clock speed of the CPU should be 1200 GHz
  • The ram required for the proper functioning of this version must be at least 512MB
  • A graphic card of 128MB or above is required for the clear display
  • A Hard Disk of 750MB space is necessary for the quick download and installation


This version is one of the finest versions till now, you can easily download this version directly from the link or torrent sites. The variations that are made in this version make it more interesting and interesting. The player can enable the player to make some of the changes according to his wish.

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