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CS 1.6 BOOST PROMOCS services

CS 1.6 BOOST services

A service that lets you publish and promote your Counter-Strike 1.6 server is Counter-Strike 1.6 boost.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Boost is an advertising service for Counter-Strike servers owner.

How can Counter Strike 1.6 server traffic be increased, owners frequently inquire.

We distribute the CSDOWNLOAD.NET-equipped Counter-Strike 1.6, a non-Steam client.

The list of servers was sent to all players of our Cs 1.6 game as assistance.

The player begins playing Counter-Strike and searches for a server.

Click on the “Track down servers” button and in the opened rundown of servers player pick the server for the game.

Every day, hundreds of Counter-Strike players from all over the world download our Cs 1.6 game client.

Your advertised server will be seen by all of these players, who will join to play.

As a result, your server will receive a steady stream of visits from players and grow in popularity.

Here are some suggestions for preserving a server’s player count:

  • Reduce the number of files sent to the server to a minimum;
  • It is necessary to set the plugin “High ping kicker” to the maximum player ping (150-200);
  • Do not use the plugin “Country Kicker;
  • Do not edit, alter, or distort game files with plugins;
  • Do not change the maps to be large if there are few players on a server.
  • Service for CS 1.6 BOOST – https://promocs.com