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Counter-Strike History – Everything You Need to Know

Counter-Strike History - Everything You Need to Know

Counter-Strike History – Everything You Need to Know

Counter-Strike is a famous title from the 90s and it was the first to implement a large number of first-person shooter systems and dynamics that many new games feature till this day. The game featured a whole economy where you buy guns using in-game currency and you will start with a small amount only. You have to kill enemies and survive rounds to get more money.

Pro players advise beginners to balance their purchases in the game and win each round to have unlimited money a few rounds to the game. You can buy weapons, ammo, armor, and other equipment with the money at the start of each round. The gun recoil was the biggest problem for gamers but player came up with an idea to shoot at the wall with each weapon to get familiar with the recoil before trying it in the actual fight.

Although Counter-Strike was first released as a mod for Half-Life but it was later purchased by Valve due to its popularity and released as a separate game. There have been more than twenty-five different maps in the entire Counter-Strike game to this day while various other maps were added to the game by the gaming community.

It featured a complete arsenal of weapon ranging from submachine guns to sniper rifles and shotguns for all situation. You can buy new guns at the start of the round with in-game currency or wait for the next round to buy a big gun with all that money.

Counter-Strike Updates

There were some big updates to Counter-Strike after it was purchased by Valve and some of these updates were pretty big. A protective shield was added in the 2003 update along with crosshairs for sniper rifles. The protective shield will help you stay safe from enemy attacks for a limited time. In 2004, the gaming community started complaining about the game, and this lead to a complete overhauling of the game along with its source engine.

The era of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In 2012, the famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also known as CS: GO was released in the market by Valve and it was a great success. The game was recognized by a large number of players from all around the globe all thanks to CS: GO competitions. There is no major update to the game since then and there is no planning for a new CS title in the near future.

Future of Counter-Strike

No matter how hard they tried, a large number of games wanted to get ahead of Counter-Strike for more than two decades but they were unable to do so given the number of fans. To keep interests of players in the game, developers released a few updates every now and then but they are not enough. By looking at the data, it is safe to say that the game will be here a few years in the future and the number of players are increasing day by day.

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