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Counter Strike cs 1.6 download

Counter-Strike cs 1.6 download

On our site //, you can learn a lot of new and interesting things about the legendary Counter-Strike 1.6, as well as download it for free in one of the modifications presented on the site.

All our versions of the game (builds) are collected by professional developers, quickly downloaded, and easy to install, as well as checked by antivirus. You won’t have any lags and other problems that you might encounter on other “low-grade” sites.  What can I say, download it yourself and see everything! 🙂

Why you should download CS 1.6 right now

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a real legend that appeared in 2003 and immediately blew up the world shooter industry! The game instantly gained popularity and became the flagship of professional tournaments, every schoolboy and student talked about it, and spent sleepless nights in Internet clubs in the nooks and crannies of cards such as cs_mansion, cs_assault everyone’s favorite de_dust2.

The most simplified graphics and nothing superfluous – this is what attracts tens of thousands of people even after almost 20 years since the official release of the “contra”. To enjoy the game, you just need to download Counter-strike 1.6 for free from our website, install, run, and go to one of the servers presented in the search.

Most gamers come or return to the good old Counter-Strike 1.6 also because of the ideal bullet shooting from the point of view of physics. It may seem difficult for beginners, but after a few dozen hours of practice, you can get used to it. If in other shooters you can hold down the left mouse button and kill five enemies at once, then in Counter Strike 1.6 you need to find a balance between shooting with a “clamp” and shooting single cartridges.

Today, a lot of additions and updates are being created for cs 1.6, textures are being improved (for example, in our build of cs 1.6 HD), original models and weapons are being drawn (building cs 1.6 with models is perfect), client “bugs” are being fixed, protection against cheats and other malicious programs (software) is being improved. All this is done because of the incredible popularity of CS 1.6 download because the current online version of the original version of Counter-Strike 1.6 around the world reaches over 450,000 people every day (official data). This is more than 80% of modern online games!!!

Servers and Mods in CS 1.6

If you decide to download the classic English version of CS 1.6 from our portal CS-OneLove, then be sure to go to one of the servers that are located in the “Internet” menu. There are over 40 selected servers of various modifications of the game, such as:

  1. Classic servers with 32 slots, on which the parties are divided into terrorists and counter-terrorists (special forces). The main task of the first is to put and detonate a bomb in the allotted time, the task of the special forces is not to allow the terrorists to achieve their goal. Such servers are as close as possible to the classic version of Counter-Strike 1.6 download, where everyone is equal and no one has any advantages, as well as parachutes and other “goodies”,  which are absent in the pure version of the contra.
  2. Public server with 32 slots. The gameplay and goal of the game is the same as on the classic server, but on the “publics,” there are such improvements as parachutes, golden weapons, unique player models, achievement and mission systems for each individual player, rank and rank systems, and much, much more! Also on Public servers, you can find unique maps with HD textures.
  3. Zombie mod (BioHazard) is a modification of the contra, on which initially all players are real people. However, after a certain time from the beginning of the round (10-15 seconds), one of the players “gets infected” and becomes a zombie. Its goal is to infect as many “mortal” people as possible. The task of people is to survive for a certain time. To do this, they can hide in houses, buildings, or ambush. Only through well-coordinated team actions can people stay alive. At the end of the round, A new one begins, in which a random “person” is also infected. Very interesting mod, our portal recommends it!
  4. Zombie mod servers (modified) –  exactly the same gameplay as in the classic Biohazard. However, on modified servers, each of the players has a number of advantages and opportunities – choose the class of their person/zombie, buy special weapons, have various improvements, and much, much more. And all this is implemented on the counter-strike 1.6 engine!
  5. Laser guns. A mod in which the goal of players is to kill as many opponents as possible. To do this, they can buy and install special traps and guns that also deal damage to opponents. At the same time, they must destroy or capture similar enemy guns in order to have a greater advantage!
  6. Jail-Break Server – A unique mod, which has no analogs in any other game. All players are divided into prisoners and guards. The purpose of the guards is to mock the prisoners in every possible way and keep order. The goal of the prisoners is to riot and kill all the guards (we recommend playing on this server
  7. DeathRun servers do not have the usual shooting and killing enemies. The main goal of the mod is to overcome all obstacles and traps and be the first to reach the goal – the terrorist. Well, finish him off
  8. CSDM and HSDM servers, where you don’t have to wait for all opponents and teammates to die. You respawn as soon as you are killed – at the other end of the map. Servers are great for those who don’t have much time to play or want to practice their shooting skills
  9. Server GunGame (GG) – is very similar to DeathMatch and is its modification. The difference from the standard DeathMatch mod is that in “GunGame” there is no choice of weapons, the player has to score points in order to get a more powerful one. This mod uses special small cards. At the beginning of the game, each player receives his first weapon – this is a Glock 18 pistol. To get the following,  more powerful weapons, you need to go to a higher level, and this is achieved by gaining a certain number of points, by default – 4 points per level. One point – one frag. Either slaughter the enemy and get the level immediately.

In GG mod, there are usually 26 levels. The winner is the one who first blows up the enemy’s GArena and then slaughters. GG has both a single-player game mode and a team mode, where all accumulated points are credited to the team.

Setting up CS 1.6

Despite the fact that all versions of the game that are presented on our site are set up in the best way, each player still has his own preferences, whether it is the sensitivity of the screen, the resolution of the monitor, the hand in which he holds the weapon and much more. Therefore, we have collected for your information on the basic game settings and configurations that you can customize as you see fit, i.e. “for yourself”.

Multiplayer tab

In the “multiplayer” tab on the right, you will find the sight settings. There you can change its size (professional players recommend putting it small) and color, as well as set or remove the transparency of the sight.

There you can also change your game nickname (by default you have CS-oneLove) and the logo that you can draw on the walls when you press the T key (try it).


Clicking the advanced button will open more detailed settings for your game

In the “Advanced” menu, you can change:

  1. the time of disappearance of corpses (it is better to leave it as it is);
  2. weapon centering (if you are left-handed, choose your left hand, it will be more convenient);
  3. type of purchase menu (if you already know how to buy in CS 1.6, we recommend choosing the classic menu, with it the purchase is much faster because images of weapons in the store are not loaded).
  4. Check/uncheck the box “auto-switch on raising the weapon”. If there is a tick and you, for example, pick up a machine gun with a pistol in your hands from the ground, the machine gun will instantly be selected as the main weapon. If you consider yourself a professional in shooting with pistols (for example, with deagle), then it is better to remove the checkbox. So that the picked-up weapon does not prevent you from killing enemies with a pistol.
  5. Radar type – if you actively use radar, we recommend installing an opaque radar type. If you are a beginner, the transparent type is also suitable.

Keyboard tab

Everything is simple here, a command is written in english on the left, and in two columns next to each other you can specify the key on which you want this command to work. By default, you already have everything set up. Change the settings only when absolutely necessary!

Mouse tab

Here we are interested in the mouse sensitivity slider. Experiment and choose the optimal mouse sensitivity value for you!

Audio tab

Here you can set up hands-free playback of game audio effects.

Video tab

Here you can run the game in windowed mode, and adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen, as well as the resolution and display mode of the monitor.

Every time you change something in this tab, the game will have to be restarted.

We also recommend that you adjust the display mode and screen resolution for yourself, and set the brightness and contrast of the screen (brightness and gamma) to the maximum

Shooting in CS 1.6

If you decide to download CS 1.6, then here is our advice: it is best to learn how to shoot and navigate the map with real opponents, and not with bots. Moreover, on all servers presented in our version cs 1.6, you can find live communication of adult adequate guys and girls. You can learn a lot about the tactics and strategy of the game, its understanding, and maybe even make new friends! At the same time, you will forever forget about what lags or low fps are since we have versions of the 1.6 counter with the highest fps and excellent shooting!

Below are the main tips for playing Counter-Strike 1.6 for beginners, written by professional CIS players:


If you decide to “clamp” the enemy in close combat with a machine gun, try to take the sight down – thereby you will reduce the spread of bullets. Try it, it works!

If you play as terrorists, try to stick to the player who has the bomb. This way your team is more likely to win the round.

Try to use the radar and assess the situation on the map with it. To do this, we recommend removing the transparency of the radar with the cl_radartype 1 command in the game console (which opens with the E key).

If you clamp at the enemy with a weapon, then it is better to sit down at this moment. After all, when you sit,  the spread of bullets in the CS 1.6 is significantly reduced!

If you don’t have much money at the beginning of the game, it’s best not to buy weapons without armor right away. Buy armor, grenades and wait until one of your teammates dies, and then pick up a machine gun from him. You can find detailed information about money  in the game in our article on the game economy in CS 1.6

If you want to know how professional players played CS 1.6, you can always find an uncounted number of videos on YouTube. Just enter “forest cs 1.6” or “navi cs 1.6” and you are guaranteed a lot of buzz from a flawless game! You may also be interested in the article about eSports Counter-Strike 1.6, presented on our portal.