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 Why is CS 1.6 still being played?

 Why is CS 1.6 still being played?

At one time, serious tournaments and championships were held on CS 1.6, which made it possible to attract a large number of users to the game.  Due to the fame and popularity of the shooter, thousands of players gather on the servers to this day.

We can definitely say that CS 1.6 has made a significant contribution to the gaming industry, and to the development of e-sports. What makes users still play this exciting shooter? One such reason is that assemblies weigh very little and installation takes a couple of minutes. But this is not an important factor, KS 1.6 is not demanding on PC resources, you can play on a computer and laptop with a weak video card and processor.

If earlier CS was played in computer clubs, now everyone can download the installer, install the shooter on their PC and choose a server for the game. It would seem that everything is very simple, but we must remember that the game is quite old, which means that it is not without bugs and vulnerabilities.

So Dr. The Web studied the Belonard malware, which was downloaded to users’ computers through vulnerabilities, and then modified the game files, searched for servers, and it was all done through a search on Steam, there were more than 1000 fake servers.

You can play CS 1.6, although some personalities claim that it is unsafe. It’s actually safe, but only if you have an assembly installed with the most reliable protector.

Thanks to the implemented protection from our portal, Counter-Strike is still played, since accidentally getting on a malicious server, the user is not in danger. All known bugs are closed.

It is difficult to say how long CS 1.6 will occupy such high positions in the ranking of popular shooters. But while people are working for the benefit of the game, while new maps are being created, and new modifications of servers, more than one generation will play in Counter-Strike 1.6.