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Download Counter Strike 1.6 Source Edition

counter-strike 1.6 source edition download

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Source Edition

Download Source Edition CS 1.6 link: DOWNLOAD

This Counter Strike 1.6 Source Edition is a modified multiplayer game. It is a redesigned edition of the original Counter Strike game. It is a first-person attacking game that gives a very realistic feel, based on the Arcade theme, and is very followed among game players. In this, you have to counter your opponents, fight with them and win the war. All the high-quality and modern weapons are used in this game.

The game requires buying weapons for your games and killing your opponents. In this way, you will earn extra money and other rewards. Getting extra money enables the players to play with more dedication and focus on the game. This source edition of Counter Strike 1.6 game has better visuals and graphics as compared to the original version. This edition is mainly based on a half-life mode. It is a very exciting combination of shooting and realistic experience.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Source Edition Gameplay:

Download this Counter Strike 1.6 Source Edition game to experience objective-oriented gameplay. The player has to achieve the main objective by playing according to the map provided. A map can comprise various types of objectives. But in this game, the player’s primary goal is to win many rounds against the opponents. It can be done by completing all the winning conditions given on the map. This online game can easily be played on your PC with a multiplayer or single-player mode. Enjoy and download this Counter Strike 1.6 Source Edition version as it provides a more prominent winning experience with the help of real-time weapons.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Source Edition Features:

Following are some of the notable features of this Counter-Strike 1.6 Source Edition:

  • This Source edition of Counter Strike 1.6 does not need an activation crack.
  • In this version, you can easily play with networks and other bots.
  • This copy file of the original version is highly protected.
  • It is a completely isolated and remodeled edition of Counter-Strike 1.6.
  • You can easily perform numerous tasks in this game.
  • This edition is based on Source Technology.
  • Download this Counter Strike 1.6 edition to get more high-quality sound effects.
  • This version has more accurate graphics and game mechanics.


Valve Corporation introduced Counter Strike 1.6 Source Edition. It is completely a replay model of the original CS game. The players have to counterattack the terrorists and accomplish every round to receive the awards. The main objective of the gamers is to destroy their enemy and rescue, other hostages. This game gives a realistic feel and has great game physics. Download this Counter Strike 1.6 Source Edition is a more enhanced gaming experience and the latest features.

This integrated version protects against all the bots. This edition possesses an isolated operation from the original game. All the players will be able to experience a completely impressive first-person shooting experience. Download this version today and enjoy with your friends online in multiplayer mode. Win every round and upgrade your level in the game.

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