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Counter-Strike 1.6 the guide for beginners

Counter-Strike 1.6 the guide for beginners

Counter-Strike 1.6: the guide for beginners

We all know that Counter-Strike 1.6 has millions of fans all over the world. But also, we would like to notice, that every day there are thousands of new players. So, all these new players, we would like to dedicate te special guide. The guide for beginners. So, if the player will read this guide, he will know everything what is important about this game.

What is Counter-Strike 1.6 and what do you must know about the menu?

So, dear new friends, firstly we would to talk with you about that, what is it Counter-Strike 1.6. So, dear players, it is s a competitive, online, multiplayer, FPS that requires teamwork, communication, and others skills. So, if you will play this game, you will learn very useful things, which you can use in your daily routine.

Of course, dear players, when you will start to play this game, firstly you will see the screen of the menu. So, let us talk about it more. You will find some options. So, what does it mean?

find servers – just click on this button to find servers to play on. When you click on it a server browser should pop up;

new game – it means that you can click on this button to create your own server;

options – you can use this section when you want to adjust the settings of the game to your own personal preference;

quit – you must click this button if you want to leave the game.

What do you must know about the default controls?

Of course, in this game, you will meet default controls. There are many default controls, and we will talk about all of them later, but at the moment, we would like you to present some default controls. So, what must you know about it?

B: buy menu – this is the main point of entry for the buying menus

M: select team – pressing M will allow you to change sides; if you do choose to do this you will immediately die and have to wait until the next round starts.

G: drop current weapon – you can only carry one primary and one secondary weapon to drop your weapon press G. To pick up a better weapon from the battlefield, press the G key.

Z: standard radio messages – it brings up the list of standard radio commands; press the corresponding number to utter the message

What are the goals?

As we all know, in every game, is one or more goals. And what about Counter-Strike 1.6 goals? So, in Counter-Strike 1.6 we can find terrorist and counter-terrorist Goals. So, every one of them, as their own goals. So, for example, terrorist goals are to prevent the hostages from being rescued by the CTs OR eliminate all of the CTs. And the Counterterrorist goal is to rescue the hostages and bring them to the safe zone OR eliminate all of the Terrorists. The command, which reach the goal, is the winner.

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